At the time when KDE is proting to its version 5, applications are split and separated into libs and main binaries, kate is no exception.

Originally (At KDE SC time), the source tree of kate contains main part, kate itself, and “katepart” as system/desktop integration (aka. being called when there is a demand to embeded text editor, eg. preview directly in Ark. display codes in KDevelop etc.)

Now that things are different. Within the consideration of framework guidelines, kate project is being split into fundamental library ktexteditor as part of kf5(short of ‘kde framework 5’), and the application kate. So are the functions and configurations available.

One of the basic feature of a text editor is the syntax highlight, and of course that plugin cannot include all the file/text extension/format on Earth. One of is lacking is the support for PKGBUILD.

This feature request is originated (not surprisingly) in Arch and a patch is submitted to kate at KDE SC and being adapted by (at least) KaOSx and Chakra, thus port over to modern kf5-plasma-application model as well.

Problem occurs at the testing period of frameworks 5.26.0 and application 16.08.1 of Chakra Project. Our test found that PKGBUILD no longer being highlighted. I wasn’t really into KDE development and codebase and package process, so I first thought it was a bug in the patch set of kate.

Out of the blue, after search for which package provides /usr/share/katepart5/syntax/, I found that it is provided by ktexteditor.

However, there is only in the directory:

$ ls -Al /usr/share/katepart5/syntax/
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 0 18.09.2016 19:03

The patch in our git repo indicates that part of bash.xml defines what paper sheet should be highlighted with certain color. But there aren’t any such XML files in the filesystem!

Where are all the highlight files lie in?

Looking into CMakeLists.txt of the directory of source code, It turns out that they are all bundled in the library


Which, by design, we can’t modify it directly after compilation. (In theory we can, but not a good idea)